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The "Cigar She Shed" Bellwood, IL

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

My intimate Woman Cave goes by the name Vina's Smoke Haven !! It's my peace above no other. The Cigar lounges are cool but sometimes I wanted something more secluded and intimate then my woman cave was born it's a true reflection.of me . I'm a Diva and I like to feel pampered and my woman cave does just that !!!

Melvina Johnson

I tell you it's nothing like it . I feel elevated and relaxed every time I partake in the atmosphere of my woman cave .

I indulge 3-4 times a week mainly mid day and late evenings .

It's something about smoking a good cigar paired with a nice spirit in the right ambience ... the elevation is like Heaven !!!

Got a "She Shed" or Man Cave?

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Feb 15-19,2023

Early bird tickets available now

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