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Official list of Black Owned Cigar Brands

Black Smoke Magazine, Research and Development Team is conducting a study of Black Owned Cigar Brands titled "Project US". The goal is to ensure accurate data of Black Business Owners in the Cigar Industry.

The data from "Project US" will be published each year as factual data and not speculation of Black Owned Cigar Brands from both international and US Markets. It's extremely important to accurate data show that effects economic impact from the States and Abroad.

"There's a lot of activity in the Culture from Brands, Lounges, Accessories, etc, but it's difficult to gauge accurate data such as gender, age, race, etc. This project should remedy the problem."

So far we have been able to collect some good data, buts its a lot of work and will require time.

For example, Atlanta, GA has the most Black Owned lounges per capita as to date. Our job and goal, is to ensure this is factual data.

The official release of this data will be published in January of 2023.

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List of Black Owned Cigar Brands

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