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New Courses for Brand Owners and Lounge Owners

Greetings, TK here and I wanted to let you know just how busy I’ve been working on new courses. My team and I have seen and heard your responses about new courses and been working like crazy to build new curriculums for different aspects of the industry.

New courses are available now and new ones will be published monthly. 

New courses will focus on how to:

1. Opening a Cigar Lounge.

2. Creating a Cigar Brand.

3. Putting together a Cigar Festival. 

4. How to sell more Cigars as a Brand Owner.

In the meanwhile, below just a few of courses that are ready now.

Thank you for being a great student and just know that my only priority is to ensure you learn as much as possible in the cigar industry. 

Warm regards,


Cigar Educator 

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