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Building the Cigar Dream Team

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Bottom Line, You need a team. But before everyone starts sharing their ideas and vision, a few ground rules need to be set in place.

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Teams can become legendary, and team can easily breakup. Think about these questions; How well do you know team members? How much do you trust team members?

As a leader, your team building skills must always be on point and be prepared for any thing that comes your way.

Pros and Cons exist in any situation and business venture, but are you aware of them? Being blunt, "It could get ugly if you don't know what's coming!

Lack of knowledge is what we are trying to avoid in business. The more prepared you and your team are, the better the outcome for everything. So, a real simple question needs to be asked...Do you want to WIN?....or lose in business?

If you want to win, then great, this course is designed for you on how to AVOID crucial destruction before you get started in the industry. Let's be clear, we are in the business of making MONEY and these 7 strategies goes into the fine details on how you can help your business improve your revenue flow.

Course Details

This 7 Module course is designed for anyone getting started in the industry (Retailer, Lounge, Event Organizer, Brand, Ect).

You will learn,

  • What Destroys a Team

  • What Builds a Team

  • How Much Money and Who's Money is Needed to Start the Business.

  • And More!

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