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Black Smoke Nation Expands!

Black Smoke Nation taps into the Box manufacturing industry!

"Getting Cigar Boxes is a major problem for both big and small brands, so I came up with an alternative and potential solution to the current problem. Tomorrow is not promised to me, so before I go, I will leave my mark in the industry.

The company will focus on manufacturing customized 5 count and 10 count boxes for now and will explore other sizes in the near future. I want brands to do well, especially Black Owned Brands. I hope this new expansion will provide an affordable option for both big and small brands looking for professional packaging, says 'TK" Tobacco Kennedy" Founder and Owner of Black Smoke Distribution and Manufacturing.

(5 count box by Black Smoke Distribution)

The 5 count and 10 count boxes can fit industry standard cigars (Robusto, Toro, 6x60, Torpedo), etc.

Black Smoke Blends is the first Black Owned Box Manufacturing in the Cigar Industry.

Other services will include drop shipping and fulfillment services.

Need Boxes for your brand, then email or visit to setup an account.

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