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Black Smoke Miami 2023!

Black Smoke Miami Early Bird Special! Check it out now before it’s too late!

The early bird special will end on August 1st 2022.

Festival Owner "TK" is already in motion for the 6th Annual Black Smoke Miami Festival February 15- 19, 2023, " Each year is a learning experience, and each experience is a blessing."

The festival is legendary for being the 1st Cigar Festival to provide a platform for the Black Cigar Community. Since then, a national wave of festivals have been created. Black Smoke is referred too as the "GrandDaddy of them all".

The festival has been sponsored by the biggest names in the Cigar industry and culture worldwide.

"Im extremely proud, but humbled to see that my efforts have been recognized and appreciated by Cigar Enthusiasts from all walks of life."

The 6th Annual Festival is on its way...are you ready? Clink the logo and take advantage of the early bird special today.

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