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1st Annual Solomon's Weekend Recap

The Masonic family showed up and Smoked it out.

Solomon's weekend kicked off in Miami in June 17, 2022.

The premise of the festival was to bring members or the Masonic family together for a good time in Miami...and it worked! Founder and Owner of the Festival "Kennedy Achilles" also owner of Black Smoke Miami Festival says "The Masonic family likes to have a good time. We are laid-back adults and only want to deal with like minds, so I created Solomon's Weekend."

Events also included a Sip and Smoke and Bar b q. Special guest included David Blanco, Cigar Manufacturer for Prince Hall Cigars which can be purchased on

"Each year the festival will be hosted in a different city and or State. The Masonic family is extremely large internationally and I want to reach and greet as many as possible." Its beautiful to see brothers and Sisters come together, regardless of background for a common goal...A Damn Good Time."

Information on next years festival will be available on

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